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Curriculum vitae

Here you can download my normal CV on Word format.

Denis Pesikov

Born in Russia.

1988-2003 >Finished 9th grade and migrate to Israel.
2003-2006 >Continued school at 10 , 11 , 12 grades in Dafna technological school.
2006-2009 >Serve in the IDF sapper.
2009-2010 >Finished first year of BS.C Computer Science.
2010-2012 >Continued learning to System Engineer and graduated MCITP certification of MicTech.

Work Expirience

2011-2011+ >Telerom ltd.Junior System Administrator.
In my ability was Mail Server(Exchange) + Web Server(IIS) + Local PC stations.
2011-2012+ >InterSpace ltd.System Engineer.
Farm of Unix + Windows servers.If you know what it mean,you have no question. ;-)

Special skills.

Scripts Making:Linux => Bash + AWK + SED || Windows => PowerShell
Programming:Java (Eclipse environment) , PHP (notepad ^_^ )

Diplomas and Sertificates

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